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5 Ways to Increase Hair Growth

by trico.lab |

It's no secret that long locks are something that a lot of us lust over. Styling is often more versatile, the natural look is easier, and messy buns are even bigger and better. Your hair grows every night, but only a little. In conjunction with your Trico Detox Tea and your Good Hair Vitamins you should be exercising and eating healthy.

If you're doing all of this and still desperate to see results sooner rather than later, it's your lucky day! We've put together a list of five ways to make your hair grow faster.

Hair Growth and Stomach Acid

What does stomach acid (technically hydrochloric acid) have to do with increasing hair growth? Well, when it comes to achieving flowing locks, it boils down to two key factors: nutrient intake and nutrient assimilation. Adequate stomach acid is largely responsible for nutrient assimilation. 

In a nutshell, here's how the process influences hair growth. Hair is composed of keratin, which is protein. We require an adequate dietary protein intake for healthy hair. When we consume protein, the digestion begins in the stomach. During a meal our stomach is usually highly acidic so will start breaking the protein down into amino acids. Enough stomach acid also signals digestion to work lower down the digestive tract and signals the release of digestive enzymes. When we have properly digested out food, we provide the building blocks for good hair. 

Scalp Massages

You may not think anything of brushing your hair, but it can actually be really beneficial to making it grow. Taking time out of your day to massage your scalp, brushing from the roots to the ends can ensure that natural oils are being evenly spread. This is the easiest way to stimulate growth without spending a penny! 

Consumer Collagen or Gelatin

The consumption of collagen and/or gelatin will result in you seeing an overall improvement in your hair, skin and nails. Collagen may promote healthy hair in a variety of ways. For one, your body may be able to use the amino acids in collagen to build hair proteins and strengthen the skin that contains your hair roots. It may also prevent hair follicle damage and greying. 

Collagen holds your dermal layer and hair follicles together, which in turn keeps your hair strong and healthy. When the collagen production reduces due to aging, your hair follicle becomes brittle, while the dermal layers get dried up resulting in hair fall. There are a lot of supplements which include collagen (including our vitamins!) which can prolong hair loss.

Ditch the Heat

Styling hair is usually an essential part of an everyday routine and often this involves a great deal of heat. From drying hair to achieving the perfect curl, making your hair look nice can actually be pretty damaging. By trying a more natural style your hair will be able to have the room to grow. 

Get a Regular Cut

It might seem like cutting your hair when trying to make it grow is counter productive, we get it! When you're trying to grow your hair the thought of getting a trim can be painful. But in reality, cutting the ends off give you healthier hair. Plus the better condition, the more it will grow. Get a chop every six to eight weeks and not only will your ends be healthier but the hair will grow much faster too. 

Model getting their hair cut with Obu scissors for Trico.Lab