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If your inner voice was a real person, would you be friends?


It's a thought provoking question.

How we treat ourselves (and talk to ourselves) is intrinsically tied to our mood, outlook on life and how we feel about ourselves. It's often the case that when we feel good, we tend to look better too.
This philosophy is at the heart of trico.lab.


Our vision is to provide products that not only make people look better, but make them feel better too. Physically and psychologically. We fundamentally believe that when people feel good, they do good…. and that’s got to be good for everyone.  And yes, this is the basis of our motto: Do Good. Feel Good. Look Good.


Our aim is to drive positive psychology and that all trico.lab products stand on their own two feet too.

All trico.lab products are formulated from premium, high quality botanicals, vitamins and minerals by our team of experts across Australia and New Zealand who have years of experience in developing natural health care. Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp, so here at trico.lab our focus is on products that support hair health. As an added bonus, many of the vitamins and minerals that support healthy hair also help your bones, teeth, nails and skin health too. 

Product claims are backed by relevant approvals.

The efficacy of Good Hair Vitamins are supported by clinical trials, with our Good Hair Vitamins listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods no 311268. The ARTG is managed by the Australian Department of Health. Our Organic Hair Detox Tea and Organic Hair Regenerate Tea both come with Naturopath Certification to ensure they do what they say they will and that appropriate information is provided for use.


Good friends can be hard to find but we'd like to think that trico.lab is like your inner voice - a friend you didn’t know you needed, until now.

do good.  feel good.  look good