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The best post-summer hair detox you'll try this year!

With summer long gone, your hair is probably needing a good break from all the sun exposure and styling it received over the past couple of months. Harmful UV rays and excessive use of heat tools and products can leave your hair feeling flat, dull, and damaged. What your hair needs is a detox.   What is a hair detox? A detox, or detoxification, is the physiological or medicinal process of removing toxic substances from your body that is carried out by the liver. There are numerous types of detoxes you can do to target certain areas of your body. A hair detox will help rejuvenate your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. You might have heard of people doing a detox cleanse to reset their body to feel refreshed again, however, some detox products that you see online can promote unhealthy results. It’s important to always make sure what you’re doing is healthy and safe for you. Instagram trends and fads you see that are pushed by popular influencers and mainstream media can sometimes be harmful. However, detoxes can still be good for the mind and body, particularly for your hair. Apart from eating clean, there are many other types of detoxes you can do. The Trico.Lab Hair Detox Organic Tea is an easy way to condition, revitalise, and repair your hair. This herbal blend will help detox your scalp to promote your hair follicles to grow healthier and stronger. Now that the weather is cooler again, the dryness in the air can cause already damaged hair to become more brittle and breakable. Now’s the time to start your hair detox journey. How to use the Trico.Lab Hair Detox Organic Tea The Hair Detox Organic Tea is packed full of natural ingredients to thicken dull and thinning strands. This unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants supports hair elasticity to reduce hair breakage and split ends. Naturopath approved and naturally caffeine free, this tea can be consumed up to three times a day, served either hot or cold. In addition to this, you can include it in your hair wash routine by massaging it into your scalp or using it as a rinse. The refreshing mint and subtle hints of lemon is a great sensory experience when using in your hair wash routine. Each pouch contains 60g of loose leaf tea with 30 serves in total. Simply use one teaspoon per cup of hot or cold water and let steep for 3-5 minutes before drinking. If using on your scalp or as a rinse, ensure water is cool to the touch before use.   What are the benefits of a hair detox? Giving your hair a break from heat styling and UV damage can be hard to avoid sometimes, so doing a hair detox is greatly beneficial to the health of your hair. The results will be different for everyone – this is due to other factors such as your diet, age, lifestyle, and current hair health. Results can be noticed in a few weeks or up to 3-6 months. If the Hair Detox Organic Tea is taken regularly, you’ll notice that you aren’t only helping your hair but your skin as well. Made with all natural, vegan ingredients you won’t have to worry about any artificial or nasty ingredients. Burdock Root is detoxifying, cleansing, and purifying, which contains iron, zinc, and magnesium to improve bone strength, immunity, and sleep quality. When you’re feeling unwell, our hair and skin tends to be the first noticeable change that we’re not getting enough nutrients. Ginko Biloba, Lemon Myrtle, and Rosehip are also included in the tea to increase circulation in the scalp and keep hair moisturised. The Good Hair Vitamins can also be taken in conjunction with any of the Trico.Lab teas to supercharge your hair health and growth. Always check with a medical professional before starting a detox.