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Do any treatments for hair loss actually work?

by trico.lab |

Having a healthy head of hair is, generally speaking, a great sign of good health and a good diet. Having the right level of vitamins reach your scalp is one of the most important things when it comes to hair growth.

You need the necessary building blocks for healthy hair growth activity. In other words, the right nutrients need to be provided to your hair follicles. Much like bought plant fertilisers are a curated blend of the right nutrients for plants, vitamin supplements do the same thing for your hair. For healthy hair, you need your hair follicles to function to the best of their ability to grow and support healthy hair. It is really that simple, although it must be acknowledged that there can be other factors contributing to poor hair healths such as medication, stress etc.

Hair vitamins can make a noticeable difference to how your hair looks and feels. As your hair is considered a low priority destination for nutrients by your body, often hair cells are the last to get any nutrition. And that’s if there is any left of the best nutrients that your hair needs after all your vital organs get what they need. Hair vitamins supplement the body with specific and appropriate nutrients for your hair and scalp health. This means that if you take a specific hair supplement, you can be assured you are getting the right type of nutrients for your hair, plus an adequate amount and consistent amount.

Whilst some people will be looking for healthier, stronger, shinier hair, an added benefit is that hair vitamins can also make your hair longer and thicker too. If you are looking for an increase in the quality of your hair as well as an increase in the level of production or growth of your hair, hair vitamins can do both. And ideally, it’s both you want. There is nothing great about having a heap of hair if it’s dry, brittle and lucklustre.

We all know that there is no substitute for a healthy diet but a standard dietary intake can often mean you are not getting the right type and right volume of hair nutrients that your body needs. Taking daily hair growth vitamins may help ensure that your strands are getting everything they need to look their very best.

If you, like many people feel more confident with a head of health thriving hair, then give some hair vitamins a try. Be patient, as consistent intake of the vitamins is needed over a period of time. Results will vary depending on your personal state of health and diet, but we recommend that you take a daily capsule such as trico.lab’s Good Hair Vitamins for at least 3 months to see results. These contain the key 7 ingredients needed for strong and healthy hair and scalp. Includes collagen, biotin, selenium, vitamin C, grapeseed, silicon and zinc. Also helps your body better absorb other nutrients from your daily diet such as iron. Highly recommended these capsules are TGA approved with clinical tests and claims reviewed by the  Australian Department of Health.