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I'm losing hair. What should I do?

by trico.lab |

The average woman loses between 50-100 hairs a day. This is normal. However if you are shedding 150 or more hairs a day you may be experiencing Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL)

FHPL is considered a genetic hereditary condition. This condition can be inherited from either the mother FHPL is not the same as balding for men. Unlike some men who experience hair loss and end up with a smooth shiny scalp, the pattern for women is quite different. Thinning of the hair starts at the crown and ends up with a wider part. It may also result in thinner strands of hair as well as less strands of hair. Fortunately this means that female pattern baldness can be easier to hide through extensions or a good cut or colour as there is no cure.

Whilst a hereditary condition may be responsible for many women experiencing hair loss some women who do not have a genetic disposition for FPHL may also experience temporary hair loss. This can often be the result of a wide variety of causes ranging from hormonal changes through to toxic build-up in the scalp.

How do you ascertain whether your thinning hair is a result of a genetics disposition or something else? We suggest you head to your health care practitioner for a first assessment.

There are products available to help address a temporary hair thinning condition, but success will rest on your ability to identify the root cause.

If you feel that it’s toxic build-up, then look for a product like trico.lab detox organic tea that will help to increase blood circulation to your scalp. This will not only help to remove impurities and blockages in your hair follicles but provide the with nutrients. As a bonus the brewed tea can be used in two ways; drunk hot or cold or it can also be applied to the scalp during your normal haircare routine as a rinse or scrub.

Ensuring you have a well-balanced diet is highly critical to supporting hair health. The specific vitamins, minerals and compounds you need for hair health are extensive but will require a decent level of consumption of a wide range of foods. Many people will find it quite challenging to consume enough food to get the recommended daily intake of vitamins, let alone the ones that are needed to make a difference to their hair quality and health.

To help ensure you get the right mix of nutrients to support and maintain hair health, we suggest taking a supplement such as trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins. These are made specifically to contain the right active ingredients to effectively treat shedding and other hair and scalp issues. trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins are also TGA approved, which means that the product claims regarding hair health and support have been substantiated and provided to the Australian Department of Health.

We suggest that you take Good Hair Vitamins for at least 3 months to see visible results – the growing of stronger, thicker and shinier hair.