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Vitamins for hair growth & health: capsules vs teas. Which is best?

by trico.lab |

Hair vitamin capsules such as trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins are made using specific amounts of concentrated, powdered extracts specifically chosen to assist with hair strength and health. You know what you are getting in each hair vitamin capsule down to the micro-milligram. Hair supplement ingredients are are exact and concentrated, and therefore more measurably effective than drinking herbal teas in normal quantities.

Brewing a cup of herbal tea extracts a multitude of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and compounds contained in the tea leaves meaning that you get all the goodness extracted in a synergistic amount. This means that all the extracted ingredients work better when combined. The plethora of goodness you get from a cup of tea will provide a terrific combination of nutrition aimed specifically to help healthy hair grow.

There are many dodgy teas and vitamins on the market available on platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Be careful when purchasing. Cheap normally means cheap ingredients which means they are likely to be less effective or from untrusted sources.

If considering herbal teas for hair health or to prevent thinning and hair loss, ensure the hair vitamin or tea product you purchase is from a reputable source and has Naturopath Approval for safe consumption. trico.lab organic hair detox tea blend and trico.lab's hair regenerate tea blend are both Naturopath approved and made in Australia under HACCP conditions for food safety

Hair vitamin capsules such as trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins are portable and easy to take, making them a very convenient option compared to brewing a cup of tea. They are also TGA listed which means they have been through a stringent review process to ensure that the ingredients are of a high quality and they have been manufactured and packed in medicine grade conditions.

Both capsules and teas will deliver great benefits for hair health and strength, and taking both can supercharge your hair health results by giving you great diversity in terms of hair nutrition as well as hydration. For those who don’t like capsules or find them difficult to swallow, brewed teas that contain hair vitamins are a great alternative to hair vitamin capsules and can also provide a relaxing and beneficial ritual at home or at work.