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Five Must Try Summertime Workouts

by trico.lab |

Summer is well and truly here and with it comes a whole new catalogue of active adventures ready and waiting for us to partake in.

To help get your new year off to a healthy start, we’ve road tested a lengthy list of on-trend workouts and devised our five favourites that you NEED to try this summer.


 1. Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)

After achieving massive popularity in the US, SUP-ing is quickly becoming a new must-do summer sporting trend for Australians with a love of the open water. It is one serious core workout, while also benefiting your balance and upper body strength. Plus you get the added bonus of your daily dose of vitamin D. 


2. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get out and soak up Mother Nature in all her glory. You can’t predict what nature will throw at you so no hike will be the same. Whether you are trekking mountain ranges or outback terrain, hiking is a must do for anyone looking to tone those legs and glutes. 


3. Beach volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a super fun team activity for when the sun's out and the beach is calling. An interactive way to get your whole body moving, specifically targeting your arms, chest, back and legs. Beaches around the country are now decked out with permanent volleyball nets to accomodate an active day at the beach. 


4. Open water swimming

Swimming is an all season sport but gets a serious upgrade when the sun is shining and we can move to the ocean. It gets your whole body moving, improves endurance, and provides amazing benefits for your upper body strength.


5. Cycling

No longer just a pastime for the Sunday lycra bandits, cycling is a fun activity for participants of all ages and fitness levels. If you think it’s too far to walk, don’t drive, hop on your bike and get your body moving. Cycling is such great cardio, and so easy to fit into your regular routine. Whether you opt for a high tech racer or vintage pushbike, cycling around your daily life is a super easy and fun way to get your k's in.