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Things happy people do daily

by trico.lab |

Sometimes life just keeps giving you lemons…. but why do some people seem to be happy all of the time and others just muddle through life trying to navigate its ups and downs? 

Well, we've done the hard yards. We've scoured Google, read the top self-help books and attended workshops of many a happiness guru. Read on for the top 8 things we have learnt that happy people do daily....


1. Be nice to others

There is something to be said for being nice to others and going out of your way to make someone's day. It need not be a big gesture. The smallest compliment or 'thank you' can brighten someone's day instantly.
And guess what? The value you get from making someone else's day that little bit brighter far outweighs the satisfaction of many self focussed pursuits you could've embarked on. 


2. Get moving 

It's a fact that exercise increases the production of happy hormones, so it makes sense to get up, get out, and sweat your way to joyfulness. Make exercise a daily priority and set your alarm for the morning and get those endorphins up and running! Apart from giving you some happy hormones, you may just see other benefits such as a fitter or stronger body, excess weight loss or even new friends. Exercising with people can often lead to new friendships too.


3. Learn to forgive; don’t hold grudges

Forgiving others when they’ve hurt you can be difficult, especially if you don’t feel they deserve it. It is very important to remember however, that holding onto those feelings of anger, hurt, and resentment lends no benefit to yourself.
Let go of those feelings and move forward. You’ll feel much better for it.  


4. Give back 

Giving back to those in more need than yourself is a wonderful way to increase your personal happiness. It may be as simple as letting someone in front of you in a line when you can see they're in a rush, buying a friend a coffee or donating time or money to a worthy cause.
Giving up your time, energy and occasionally offering a listening ear will fill your happiness tank up quick smart! 


5. Smile

Pass on your happiness. Try smiling at everyone you meet. 
You just might find that they smile back! 


6. Put aside some 'you' time

Sometimes you're so focussed on looking after others, that your own needs come second. This can be detrimental. It's ok to be selfish sometimes. Having some time to yourself or treating yourself (a yoga session, a massage, a sleep in) can be beneficial and make you a better person to be around as well as more balanced.


7. Eat well

Nutrition plays a huge role in how we feel. Studies show too much of anything is not good for us (read sugar, alcohol etc). A balanced diet is the right way to go. If you can't seem to eat a balanced diet due to food preferences, time or access consider dietary supplements. Your hair and skin are good indicators of your whole body health as they tend to show signs of lack of nutrition first. Ensure any supplements you take are TGA approved or naturopath certified for your safe consumption. Made in Australia or New Zealand is always best due to high levels of regulations on production and product claims. For hair, skin and nail health try one of trico.lab's products. Your hair will thank you!


8. Be kind to yourself

That voice inside your head can often be your harshest critic. Let it also be your best friend. Congratulatory when needed or pepping you up when you're down. If that voice is always pessimistic and down, so will you. Make that voice articulate everything you would want a good friend to say. Honest, but uplifting! Try it. You might just be the friend that you need and can rely on whatever life throws at you!